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We are a fast-growing flight-sim community-based in India.
We engage people who have a passion for flying both in the
real and virtual world.

Our Motto:Let's Get Hands Together and Grow Together


The Sim2FlightDeck Journey

I always wanted to own a home FlightSim setup after I was done with my basics to practice more of the flying in those skies above. There were a lot of hurdles I faced initially like procuring software and hardware from sources, setting them up and gettings things to work in sync. At this very point of time, I met one of my fellow flight simmer Nishant Kumar. We shared a similar story as on how we struggled to get things to work initially and how frustrating it can get for a newbie to get started with things initially. This was when we founded the Sim2FlightDeck community in October 2019. Today Sim2FlightDeck is a fast and rapidly growing community of FlightSimmers in India with 150+ member Pilots and ATCs from across the globe providing a one-step solution for all types of FlightSim needs ranging from simulators, sceneries, liveries to hardware and software support sustained by a vast knowledge base with people from within the real world aviation industry, and most of this comes free of cost just to support budding FlightSimmers. Today we have a presence over all major social media platforms with collaborations with many Virtual Airliners and Streaming Platforms. Our dedicated team is providing 24x7 assistance with all your queries.

Join us today for a never before flying experience.
Let's Bring Your Dream Comes True and "let's taste the flight from the simulator to the flight deck!"
Our Moto: let's Get Hands Together and Grow Together!

Word from Founder

Hello folks, I am Abdul Navas, the Founder of Sim2FlightDeck. Flying has been both my passion and my hobby since my tender age. Gazing at the aircraft that flew over me and collecting all those miniature aircraft from the toy store fascinated me. Later as I grew up, like any other aviation enthusiast, I wanted to learn to fly an aircraft. But the challenge was to get a mentor who could guide me with the basics. At this very moment, I was introduced to the world of virtual aviation. I joined IVAO India Division 2 years ago and got an opportunity to meet people from the aviation industry and many other like-minded people like me who were gearing up for real-world training.

N Abdul Navas

S2F VA. It’s easier than you think.

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