1What is Sim2FlightDeck?

Sim2FlightDeck is a fast growing community of flight-sim enthusiasts in India comprising of members from India and across the globe

2 What are the requirements for joining Sim2FlightDeck??

Any individual having some basic information can become a member of Sim2FlightDeck Community - a valid IVAO/VATSIM ID or any other Flight Sim network ID, an email address and preferably access to a flight simulator

3Can I get trained for real-life flying or a career in aviation??

Here at Sim2FlightDeck we ensure that we maintain the highest level of professionalism, however we do not recommend our training or instructions as real-life SOP (standard operating procedure). All the information relayed through us is meant for recreational and informative purposes only.

4 Why Sim2FlightDeck??

Sim2FlightDeck was created by aviation lovers and for aviation - lovers. S2F has alaways been at par with the latest available technology. We believe in the process of continuous learning and for that reason we have a diverse community of members from real-world aviation to flight-school trainees to aviation lovers. S2F is a great platform to learn and interact with people around you and also to practice and learn the skills of flying with our AI enabled iCrew V4 system that evaluates your skills every time you touch down on that tarmac and gives you feedback your flying skills. Its always great to see yourself grow with time, isn't it?

5How can I get trained to improve my flying skills and gain some knowlegde??

You can join sessions with one of our training partners at no extra cost

6 Is there any provision for Rewards and Recognitions?

Yes we have a very attractive R&R policy, the 'more you fly the more you earn' (in virtual money) and higher you get promoted. We have both rank as well as reward system. You can exchange your virtual money for goodies at our digital store.

7 Whom to reach out for queries??

You can reach out to us 24x7 through our email support@sim2flightdeck.com

If your question is not answered, Don't hesitate to Contact us.
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